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SODEJ is the Society of Development Journalists. It is an association of talented and motivated young journalists who want to make a difference in the lives of the Nepali people through progress. This organization believes that the media are powerful tools which can protect the rights of vulnerable people as well as uplift the conditions for the under-privileged. SODEJ creates documentaries and TV programs being aired through Nepal's largest television station.
SODEJ is a legally registered organization and has been working with numerous national and international NGO's and the line ministries of the Government of Nepal and has developed a wide network of community through their work in different countries.

SODEJ has extensive experience producing documentaries and TV programs reporting on various social, public health, cultural and developmental issues. They educate the children in media practices and professional development.

A Child's Life-Nepal is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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Related Organization Supporting Young Women in Nepal:

Bo M. Karlsson Foundation

The Bo M. Karlsson Foundation (BMKF), a non-profit organization awards scholarships to universities and trade schools to underprivileged young women in Nepal. BMKF strives to find candidates whose access to systems of higher education has been limited and who otherwise would not be able to attend. With an all-volunteer board in the U.S. and volunteer advisors in the U.S. and Nepal, the majority of the donations raised goes directly to providing women with all the financial resources they will need to be successful in their educational pursuits.
The Foundation's goal is to work individually with all the recipients, giving them guidance and encouragement so that they can complete their educational programs and become self-reliant, confident and productive citizens in their own country.

The concept is to have the children document their lives as child laborers in the brick yards. more

Smile Nepal project is concentrating its efforts on the children in the Brick kilns. The project plans to provide the children with a formal school education as per the curriculum of the Government of Nepal. more