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New Drinking Water
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Letter of Solicitation:

June 6, 2017

Dear Friends,

We're writing you to let you know of a new project that we are putting together
for our friends and family in Nepal.

We know you are well aware of the devastation from the earthquakes and
the emergency housing we provided along with food, with your assistance.

We are so grateful for your help.
So many people now have shelter in the “countryside.”

The government in Nepal has yet to provide anything to anyone up
in the countryside since the earthquake.
Everything they have has come by donations from people like you.

We are reaching out again, because there is no drinking water anywhere,
and hasn't been any for a long time.

Our project will cost $6,000 and provide water for the people (family and friends) who live far from the city.

We can't do this alone.
We appreciate anything you could send towards this project.

We know there are many charities that need help around the world and
our hearts go out to all of them as well. Thank you for considering to help us out.

You can send checks to A Child's Life Foundation,
which is our non-profit for helping our orphans who have all, except two, graduated from high school,
we are proud to say. The last two will graduate shortly.
We could not have helped all these children without you.

You may also choose to Donate on our website:

However, it is better if you send checks, because we get to use all the money
for the project, instead of what remains after the percentage taken out by PayPal.

You may send your checks to:

A Child's Life Foundation,
1626 Fletcher Street, Hollywood, FL 33020

We are able to deposit your checks immediately into an account
that can be accessed in Nepal.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Kamala, Krishna, Shoshana, 
and the rest of us at A Child's Life Foundation

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Smile Nepal project concentrates its efforts on the children in the brick kilns.

The project plans to give children a formal school education that complies with the curriculum of the Government of Nepal.
We will also offer them the opportunity to be trained as photo journalists.

The purpose is to enable the children to document their lives as child laborers in the brick yards.

This will lend great insight to their plight. Until now different organizations have raised the issues and problems of child laborers, but none of them have been very effective in solving their problems, because they are “outsiders.”

They do not have the insider's view of the poverty and conditions surrounding the children. The children and adults of these brick kiln communities are unable to express their problems and feelings properly.

This is the first project of its kind in Nepal. As a result, we hope to achieve a truer picture of the child laborer's life. We believe that this is a more effective way of finding a sustainable solution to the problem of child labor.

Vision for Smile Nepal

Smile Nepal plans to raise funds to purchase and develop at least 3 acres of land in a residential neighborhood like Bhaktapur or Lalitpur in the following ways:

  1. Build a family home for the children.
  2. Build a school for the children who live here as well as offer schooling for the community children.
  3. Create and organic garden--teach the children agricultural skills.
  4. Raise farm animals for use in the family home--for milk, ghee, and meat as well as using the methane by-product of the animals as a bio fuel.
  5. Build a library--for the school and the community as a lending library.
  6. Build a guest house for volunteers--volunteer teachers will get credits by working at the school in an exchange program. Volunteers will also be invited to work in the garden and other areas of the compound doing repairs.
  7. Set up a studio room--here the students learn to create their own films concerning social issues in their country.

The vision is to create a self-sustainable community as a model for other family homes for needy children without families and other children from the neighboring community.

These children be able to go to school,  learn life skills, and empower their lives through education on many levels.
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A Child's Life-Nepal is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Your donation is tax-deductible.